Our Testimonials

“I’ve done a grade 4 dislocation to my A/C joint 10 months before meeting Stephen. I have been doing my own rehab work on it myself and managed to get the majority of the mobility back and a good lot of the pain gone but it still hurt doing everyday tasks both in work and outside of Work. My shoulder looked servery disjointed also. I then found Stephen which has within two months relocated my shoulder joint and stopped the majority of the remaining pain which has allowed it to build its strength back quite quickly. I have recommended many clients to go to him after this and have never gotten a bad complaint, would highly recommend Stephen for any kind of Rehab work or pain.
Rory Ryan, Assistant Manager
Educo Gym Naas
My name is Naomi from Get Creative and we make it a policy to only use trustworthy people when looking for supplies or services to be completed on our behalf both at home and at work. I came across Stephen from Universal Acupuncture for some treatment on my hip and left leg which have been troubling me for many years as a result of a fall in 2011. After many MRI and CT scans and joint injections I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, arthritis and bursitis of the left hip and osteoarthritis of the spine. Until I met Stephen I had never been to a Acupuncturist before and did not know what to expect. From the moment I stepped into his office Stephen made me feel totally at ease.
Stephen has the knowledge and warmth to make any one feel comfortable. The professionalism shown by Stephen is of the highest order. Stephen is passionate about what he does, loves it and shows in his work. Stephen treatments over the past few months have been invaluable.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen to anyone who suffers backache or any form of pain who is willing to try an alternative to the more conventional treatment.
Naomi Meehan – Business Owner
Get Creative
To whom it may concern,
I have used the services of Stephen Dunne, Universal Acupuncture. I have had back problems for the last 3 years
I have been to physiotherapy with this back problem and although they could locate where damage was, it wasn’t getting better.
So I went to Stephen, he has a totally different approach and after 6 sessions, my back was much much better, the best its been in years.
I tested my back out by breaking concreate with a kango for 4 days and had no pain !!
I have already recommended Universal Acupuncture to my friends
Thanks Again
Michael Carey – Builder
Cardoon Builders
After recommending various clients with pains, niggles, and those frustrating and often unanswered injuries. I can’t recommend your services enough.
Understanding with attention to details in order to resolve the pain for each individual.
Thank you for your professional and care.
Wising you well deserved success
Angela Burns, Branch Manager
What can be said about Stephen from Universal Acupuncture ?
Well I have a lot to say
I recently attended Stephen in connection with a back pain that I have been suffering for many years.
Stephen put me at ease as soon as I arrived. He asked me questions regarding the severity of my pain and how long I had been suffering.
The treatment seemed very simple, but I could feel the benefits of it the very next day.
After 3 sessions with Stephen, I no longer have any pain.
This has amazed & astonished me as I have been to various physiotherapists over the years with no success.
Stephen has a very friendly & outgoing personality, and it would be a pleasure for me to recommend him and his unique treatment for all your aches and pains.
Hilda Hannon – Owner
Shannon Business Services
I wish to write this testimonial to express my sincere gratitude to Stephen Dunne. I had a problem with my knee from the time I broke my hip and had to wear a knee support most of the time. Thanks to Stephen my knee is pain free and I don’t have to wear the knee support anymore. He explains everything he does in great detail as he goes along.
I have no hesitation in recommending your service to anybody that has a problem with any type of injury
Gerry Gorman
Local Business Owner